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PEB Components

The components of a PEB constitute its strength, structural endurance, and efficiency. Hence, while developing a pre-engineered building, you need the best PEB components to ensure durability and sustainable benefits. At Elements Prefab, we amass years of experience, customized component designing intellect, and latest and cutting-edge component manufacturing technologies. It helps us manufacture the best quality PEB components for pre-engineered buildings for various industries.

As the leading PEB component manufacturers, we manufacture a range of components, including

  • Primary Frame (Assembly of built-up I-shaped steel members, and the frame that comprises castellated beams, or trusses, etc.)
  • Sandwich Panels
  • Roof & Wall Panels (Tin shades, glass curtain wall and roll-formed sheets)
  • Secondary Structural Elements (Cold formed members in C, Z, etc. shapes termed purlins)

Besides, we also indulge in manufacturing accessories such as bolts, insulation, and mezzanine floors. We buy industry compliant grades of steel alloys to fabricate structural components that can be custom-sized. Getting everything, right from the best PEB components to pre-engineered buildings, under one roof makes us a one-stop-shop partner for companies looking forward to the best PEBs on the market.

So, why wait when you have Elements Prefab? Partner with us for the best quality PEBs and PEB components, and to get the highest value for the money you invest in the setup.